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Any WMI for Smart Storage Cache Battery serial ?

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Any WMI for Smart Storage Cache Battery serial ?

I have a bunch of HP DL360 Gen9 servers where i need service because of Smart Storage Battery failure.

I have taken out most of the needed information for HPE support automatically, however i cannot seem to find the 

Battery Serial number anywhere using WMI. I can offcourse make an automated process to open ILO page on each and ever server that logs in, go to the right page and copy out the serial number, however is that necessary ?

i have taken out all the result from all the WMI classes under the namespace root/hpq but i cannot find the serial number. I have also gone through all the WMI documents on HP sites that i can find. All there seems to be is the cachebattery /arraycontroller status information about the battery, but no other metadata about the battery like replacement part no and serial number or firmware version.

Can i get this out remotely by any other commands ?


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Re: Any WMI for Smart Storage Cache Battery serial ?

To Open a Support Case for change, only the Server Serial Number is needed.

And, maybe a AHS Log File from the iLO.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Any WMI for Smart Storage Cache Battery serial ?

My experience is that it depends on the support person. Some only require server serial, other want server serial and arraycontroller serial (and FirmWare version), and i have had a couple of cases where they asked for serial on battery.

I just wanted to give as much information as possible based on experience. 

But i guess i try without the battery serial information and just get it for them if it becomes an issue