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Any problem with this server?

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Any problem with this server?

I got this from hp system management homepage. There is a warning under management processor. Is there something wrong with this server?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Any problem with this server?

Hi, so it looks like the iLO interface (provides remote console among other things) may be having some issues.


It also says it has 10Mbit half-duplex and that the link has failed. You probably can't connect to the iLO. If you want to you may want to check cabling, ilo and switch port settings to make sure they are set appropriately.


I wonder about this NEC98431 - is that a processor on the card?


Anyway, if you don't want to have iLO connected you can disable the reporting:

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NEC98431 is onboard ILO. Check ILO cable.

Hi Cwkhang,


NEC98431 is onboard ILO processor on your DL380G6 server, You will find ILO port (RJ45) at the rear end of your server.
Please check the network cable connected to ILO port.
You won't be able to manage the server remotely without ILO.


Hope it will help


Tarun Jain