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Apache server load on DL 360 g4p

Digital Human
Occasional Contributor

Apache server load on DL 360 g4p

Hi there,

I have 2 proliants dl 360 g4p running FC6. Both with the exact same hardware, exact same configuration and OS. 1 server is performing great. The other one isn't. Both perform as webserver, with a total amount of 30000 visitors per minute. The first server can handle this load, the other one is hanging. On his console i see a lot of memory errors. (See attachement).

When i perform a HD read,write test on the 'good' server i estimate a 105mb/sec. When i do this on the 'bad' server i get an estimated 7.8mb/sec. Are there any more test to see what is causing this load/error/hang ?