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App to update drivers/firmware to latest versions?

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App to update drivers/firmware to latest versions?

I am looking for something like HP SoftPaq Download Manager....but for servers. 

I have used SPP 2017.10 to update my servers, and that works great. I'm sure there is just newer versions and wanted to do that as part of my Windows update cycles. 

I have a mix of DL360 G7, DL380p G8, and DL380 G9. Centralized would be great, but I am okay with something I run on each machine. 

I typically work with Dell, and they have Open Manage Essentials for centralized and Dell Command Update for single runs. Have not quite found the HP/HPE equivalent. I installed HP System Insight Manager, and see the option for Software/Firmware Baselines, but not sure how to tell it to look wherever for new software. 

Thanks for any input. . 


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Re: App to update drivers/firmware to latest versions?

An SPP is the solution of your choice, since it is a tested bundle of firmware and software/drivers for your environment.

Meanwhile Gen9 and Gen10 servers are classified as "production", the older models as "post-production", so you need different SPP for them:


Gen9 + Gen10: SPP2017.10

Gen8 SPPGen8.1

G7 SPPG7.1:


Hope this helps!

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