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Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....


Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....

Hi Folks,


I had my previous company GIVE me our old Dl360 to use - great right !?


It would be but its apparently child-proof ..... when I got it from the office I got it home and went to boot it!  When its powered up, the external health light and the are both green and the insight display is clear.  However I have NO video at all on either the front or rear video displays - nothing at all, no bios, nothing.


I've broken down the server and pulled out the NAS controller, all of the RAM but 4 and 1 processor - still no video!


I do know that the companies IT guys took it over after I left and did finally shut it down remotely and they did manage the entire system remotely but only ran it for a few months after I left.


I’ve tried to get in via the iLO port but never used them before - Does anyone have any suggestions for me ?!


Dave Cason

Calgary, AB




Re: Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....

Hello Dave, 


To isolate the issue, try base configuration and try resetting NVRAM. 


Refer the below document and perofrm the steps in order: 



Perform the following to clear the server CMOS:

  1. Power the server OFF.
  2. Set the System maintenance switch 6 to the ON position. (you can see the switch location on Server Access panel)
  3. Power the server back ON.
  4. After the server has completed the Power-On Self Test, power the server OFF.
  5. Set the System maintenance switch 6 back to the OFF position.
  6. Power the server back ON.

if the issue not resovled, give us more details and server generation. 



Murali V

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Re: Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....

Hi Murali,


Yep, I've done that to no effect !  The battery is even out of that server main board ......


I do have another board and I think I'll try that one again, last time I put it in and transfered over the memory to this new board the insight display lite up on all 8 backs of RAM - I have ordered 8 new 2 GB sticks.


Anything else I can try on the orginial board ?




Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....

The default configuration for iLO is to obtain a lease via DHCP. I would recommend connecting the iLO port to a switch, and see if your DHCP server records a lease being issued.

Re: Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....



OK, well here's an update !


I got a new MB and a new set of 16 GB of RAM on 8 sticks.  The system now boots and I have video and post.


The new wall that I've hit is the two original drives in the server - there are two 72GB in the server that were

originally setup in a mirror for the OS  ..... they’re still in there but I need to rebuild the mirror and reinstall

the Windows 2003 R2 ….. any idea where I can find a how-to?


I’ll looking at the docs I can’t find how to setup the P400i controller that is in SLOT 0 to see the those drives. 

There is also a P800 that is plugged in to SLOT 2 and from there in to the Storageworks 60 MSA that’s empty right now – but that’s another issue for later (well it won’t be if I can find a deal on some cheap SAS drives - GRIN)


What do I need to do to get the orginial mirror setup ?  I do have a HP Proliant Essentails Foundation Pack and that has a Smart Start CD in it as well as an CD that says HP Managment and lastly a CD that says Smart Start Ver 7.90.


Any suggestions where to start?












Re: Apparently its child-proof! A DL360 and me .....

So it lives .... did a fresh install tonight with the Smart Start .......


How happy are DL 360 G5's in 64 bit ?  Anyone know ?