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Applying Firmware Maintenance CD from VMware ESX - was working

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Applying Firmware Maintenance CD from VMware ESX - was working

Hi All

I am quite aware that the firmware CDs do not officially support VMware ESX (RHEL 3) installation from the command line, however, I'd like to talk to anyone else who has done this, as I am doing this from a kickstart build - which saves us over an hour per server just for the firmware upgrade

I have managed to run 8.40 with no problems by extracting the following libraries from the following RPMs:

- X11
- Freetype:
- Fontconfig

# I reference the libraries:

# Mount the ISO, and run hpsum:
mkdir $FWISO
mount -o loop $FW/current $FWISO

cd $FWISO/compaq/swpackages/
./hpsum -silent -romonly

The 8.40 CD gives me:

Starting Discovery
Discovery Process Finished
Starting Installation
Installing: iLO ROM Flash
Installation Finished
Installed Components:
Component File Name: CP008488.scexe
Component Name: iLO ROM Flash
Original Version: 1.80
New Version: 1.92
Installation Result: Success

But something has changed with 8.50 (and 8.60):

Starting Discovery
Couldn't convert discovery service retval to int
Discovery Failed with message 0
Discovery Process Finished
Installed Components: None.

This is true for hardware from DL380s up to BL465c

Does anyone have any ideas, or contacts in HP I can discuss this with?