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Array Acclerator Read Error - Accelerator is Disabled

Scott Waterhouse_1
Occasional Contributor

Array Acclerator Read Error - Accelerator is Disabled

I rebooted my Proliant 6000 w/ SmartArray 3100ES Card and recieved the above error. Other than a performance hit will this cause any other problems? The server is out of warranty and scheduled to be replaced in 2 or 3 months so I don't really want to purchase a new card if the only problem is a performance issue.
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Array Acclerator Read Error - Accelerator is Disabled

Hi Scott;

A disabled array accelerator on its own will not cause any problems.

However, the reason the accelerator is disabled may be a problem.

When you're able to schedule downtime, run the Array Diagnostic Utility on the controller. If you get more than 10 parity read errors on it in the diagnostic, the controller should be replaced.

You may be getting accumulated corruption in the OS and data if you allow the situation to continue.

Then again, if you run a regular schedule of backups, you may just want to push on through until either the controller dies or the replacement server arrives.

Hope that helps,

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