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Array Controler ROM flash - name change

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Array Controler ROM flash - name change


I just upgraded the firmware of my Array Controler on my ProLiant 6000. Before the upgrade, it was identifying itself as a Compaq Smart-2/P Controler (Rev C 1.94).

After the upgrade (with Array controler rompaq 3.01a), the array identifies itself as 'Compaq Smart-2DH Controler' (Rev ? 4.48) . What's up with the name change ? I've flashed numerous other controlers before and they all kept the same name (Including 2DHs). It seems to work... the old NT still boots and I've reinstalled Smartstart 4.9/NT4 without a hitch... But I want to be sure I haven't made a big mistake here. So : IS THE NAME CHANGE NORMAL ?

If not, what do I do to get it right ?

Thanks !
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Array Controler ROM flash - name change

the name change is definitely not normal..the ONLY thing I can think of is it was force flashed previously with the wrong rom and when you did it this time it came up right..that is VERY bizzare I have been working on compaq servers for years in tech support and have NEVER heard of that before...what I would suggest is physically look on the controller for its part number..its will be a six dash three digit number (like 123456-001) it is the -001 number you need...either post that number here or call compaq to find out what controller that part number refers to ..that way we can know for certain what it SHOULD be
We are here for a good time, not a long time!
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Array Controler ROM flash - name change

Hi Mark !
The number on the Compaq chip of the controller is : 272510-001
Hopefully, this machine is not in production right now, but is heavily used as a test bed. Still, it is working quite well right now. If I have some flashing to do, please give out instructions clearly, especially if I have to do some weird steps (like forcing a ROM or whatever).

By the way, I also received this reply about that topic, few months ago from

I've seen the same thing myself before and after a firmware update. If you look at some SMART-2DH controllers you may even see SMART-2/P silk-screened on the board. The biggest difference between these controllers is the DH supports Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 (40Mbps) and has 16MB Read/Write cache while the 2/P supports Fast-Wide SCSI-2 (20Mbps) and has 4MB Read/Write cache.