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Array Controller Upgrade

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Array Controller Upgrade

I recently tried upgrading my 2SL controller to a new 5300 controller and ran in to a problem of a non system disk message being returned and a single drive being put in to data recovery mode and then finally a drive failure indication. I'm running a RAID 5 configuration and was planning on using the drive expansion feature of the 5300 to add more disk space. This upgrade had been done in 2 other of my offices using identical equipment with no issues. Both the server and the 5300 have been flashed with latest ROMpaqs. I receive a 1786 POST error. I plan on replacing the SCSI cable to an ULTRA3 braided cable and have been researching the 5300. I did read that the Controller Boot Order does need to be set on the 5300. This was not necessary on the other successful installations. I have replaced the 2SL back in the system and it performs a data recovery on the drive with the false drive failure indication and carries on as before. I do not get the drive failure indication with the 2SL controller. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Array Controller Upgrade

Before moving the cable from the 2SL to the 5300, install the 5300 into a slot and boot up into NT. Since it uses a different driver than the 2SL, install the driver for the 5300 and make sure it has started. Shut down the server and swap cables. You should be able to bootup with no problems. IF you are using Wide Ultra SCSI-3 hard drives you might have to upgrade the firmware on these hard drives. SP16369.
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