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Array Raid 5

Raul Rosales
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Array Raid 5

In a ML 370 I used to have a set of 18.3 x 6 HD. I replaced by one daily by a set of 72.8 x . Now the server has 312 Gb of free space and when I try to expand the logical drive an error message appears thet not new drive has been added and thet there is not drive to expand. How do I expand the logical drive??
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Re: Array Raid 5

Let me clarify. You replaced each of 6 - 18GB drives in a RAID 5, one at a time, one each day and rebuilding the array each day. This procedure should end with the original one array controller logical drive/volume and free space. Now from ACU you should be able to select the array's logical drive and expand the logical drive. Of course the Array Configuration Utility has no relation to an Operating System, therefore it can't add space to an operating system partition or drive, if that is what you were expecting. It that case you can under Windows NT and up, Extend the existing partition, or "drive", to the the free space with Disk Administrator.
Go into Disk Admin and highlight the existing partition, hold the CTRL key down and then click on the free space. Both will be highlighted black. Then go to PARTITION and choose Extend Volume SET. It should then turn both yellow. Then go to PARTITION and choose Commit Changes Now. It will then ask for a reboot.
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