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Array enclosure not responding

Rakesh Paal
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Array enclosure not responding

This is Rakesh from IFIl
I have DL380 G4. My server give POST error when i boot it today morning. It says HP Smart Array 642 controller not responding. please check the power cable , power down the server and tight or replace the cable and reboot the server. What will be the cause it is working fine before shuting down.

Rakesh Paal
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Re: Array enclosure not responding

try to reseat the controller and the cables, if this doesn't help

perhaps you can update the fw of the controller〈=en&cc=us

If this doesn't help you can try to start the server up without the cache and see if the post error reoccurs, if it doesn't perhaps it is related to the cache and the cache might be damaged, if it does, perhaps it would be wise to replace the controller

it is already an oldy, many things can cause this to happen.
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Re: Array enclosure not responding

rakesh this controller actually has two batteries remove them both

reseat all cables physically disconnect them and reseat them

disconnect all disks and any controller and pci cards too

now clear nvram switch 6 on sys board
start server shutdown put switch back

now check in bios server is seeing the controller and it is mentioned in there,

f10 save exit bios

if it boot snow add disks one at a time then add the end add the batteries remember there are 2 of them then addd pci cards one at a time..


good luck

now you should be able to come to a conclusion after this ........

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