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Array rebuild problem on ML530/SA6404


Array rebuild problem on ML530/SA6404


I have ML530 G2 with 12 U320 SCSI disks on smart array 6404 controller. There are three arrays, the first RAID1 with two 36GB disks, the second RAID5 with four 146GB disks and the third RAID5 with six 146GB disks. I noticed too many hard read and write errors on two disks in array 3 (RAID 5, 6 disks). So I ordered (in warranty) two new disks and I exchanged one of the bad disks. I thought I will exchange the second bad disk after successful rebuild of the array after inserting the first one. But the rebuild process goes to 100% and after that the logical drive is in state "Waiting for rebuild" again and there is a yellow exclamation mark in array configuration utility. This situation remains the same even if I exchange the same disk again.

Does anyone can give me any idea how to resolve this problem? I am preparing myself to move all data from the bad logical drive to another location, erase the array, create it clear and move the data back. But for the size of data I want to try to sort it out in better way.


Ondrej Kocourek
Czech Republic
Honored Contributor

Re: Array rebuild problem on ML530/SA6404

Hi Ondrej,

Unfortunately that may be the only option at this point. Check the firmware and driver versions to make sure they are at the latest versions.

We had similar problems before in our shop with these controllers that had older f/w installed. We had to re-create the arrays.

However, after updating the firmware on the SA640x, the disk drives, updating the o/s drivers and ACU/ADU versions, these rebuild problems never appeared again.

F/W Maint. CD:

S/A Drivers:

ML530 G2 Drivers and updates:


Re: Array rebuild problem on ML530/SA6404

Everything up to date, array reconstruction will follow.