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ArrayConfig floppies

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ArrayConfig floppies

I created a new thread as now, I have a new problem.
I have my smartSmart CD v5.50 to create ArrayConfig floppies for my DL360 ( first version )
BUT, it creates me non bootable floppies and the file on them are packed stuff that I can t use ( I try to put sytem file on the floppy but there is not enough space to unpack all )
So, do you know how can I find these floppies on line with the bootable version ? or any idea to create an array on my server ( for info, I can create the system partition with F10 ..etc.. but it always prompt me for a bootable floppy for the ArrayConfig )

Stephen Kebbell
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Re: ArrayConfig floppies


what is you end objective? What are you trying to install?

I thought the DL360 had an integrated Smart Array controller which you could setup by pressing F8 during POST. Do you get an F8 prompt? Can you run Array Configuration Utility when you boot from SmartStart?

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Re: ArrayConfig floppies

Hi Lionel,

Once again you try the following cd's.

1.hp smartstart Ver:7.20

2.hp Proliant Firmware Maintenance Ver:7.20


Thanks and Regards
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Terry Hutchings
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Re: ArrayConfig floppies

There are no bootable array config floppies available for this controller.

There is an older, bootable, version which can still be downloaded:
This will not work with the integrated array (I'm assuming this is the one you're using) in the machine.

The best option would be to use the Online Array Configuration
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
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Re: ArrayConfig floppies

I finally found the solution. I write it down as it can help someone with the old DL360 !!
to start , basic informations :

- old DL360 are only supported with smartstart 5.50
- configuration array floppy generated with the CD are not bootable :(
- after unpacking the 2 floppies, the utility only run under MS32bits env.

to be able to create the Array :

- Create the msdos SCSI drivers floppies
- create a W95 bootable floppy with the SCSI drivers you just obtain
- boot on the floppy
- go on the smartsmart CD, into the W95 directory and run "win.exe"
- go to the directory on the smartstartCD named "cpqacu" and run the array conf program
- finally configure your array
- reboot
- smile :)
- go to home and to bed !