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Asterisk Performance on DL360 G6


Asterisk Performance on DL360 G6

I've got something here that looks odd, and wondering if anyone may shed some light. We've been running Asterisk 1.4.30 (and earlier) on a DL380 G5 (Quad 2.33) and Debian for a couple years now. It loafs. CPU usage reports typically 1 - 5%.

Recently we've installed the same on a DL360 G6 (x5550), and CPU usage is very volatile, and reports in the 30 - 45% range with a similar work load! Asterisk and dhadi versions are the same; the config is the same; Debian on the G6 is updated to the current version. We have teamed the NICs in the G6, where it was only a single in the G5. The G6 is set for Static High Performance. HT is enabled in the G6 too, as by default.

I think that covers the basics - anyone see anything of this nature out there? Thanks!