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Attaching RS12 Array to proliant Server

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Attaching RS12 Array to proliant Server


Iam going to add a RS12 disk Array to proliant ML370 server with win2k adv server OS.So for this activity apart from checking on RS12 driver and scsi cables what else should i look for.

Quite new to Windows so might miss something important or obvious.Hence need few tips/warnings/caution etc.


Re: Attaching RS12 Array to proliant Server


The HP Rackstorage 12 is only tested and verified to work with pre-merger HP Raid Adapters/Hostbus Adapters. The configuration HP Proliant & Rackstorage 12 is never verified and tested/approved for customer setups.
It can be as well that you run into some (SCSI technical) technology issues; but that is something you need to find out for yourself.

For that Reason the HP Rackstorage 12 is not a supported Enclosure device on a Proliant Server. It could work, but in case issues or problems come up HP can't help you in the way you normally expect from us.

For the supported HBA's/Netraid adapters in combination with a HP Rackstorage 12 please take a look on:

I would highly recommend to use a official supported HP Proliant Storage Enclosure.
They can be found on:

Regards, Jeroen
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