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Attaching and external array to Proliant DL380 G2

Anderson Chan_1
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Attaching and external array to Proliant DL380 G2

I have an existing Proliant DL380 G2 with the integrated smart array controller. I have created a single array with the six local hard drives attached to the DL380.

I need to expand the storage capacity on the server. I was thinking about purchasing the MSA 30 storage array system with additional disk. Can I use the existing on-board smart array controller with both the MSA 30 and the existing internal disk? Is the VHDCI external SCSI port connected to the on-board array?

Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: Attaching and external array to Proliant DL380 G2

The integrated Smart Array 5i controller in the DL380 G3 is a dual channel. One channel is internal - you are obviously already using this. The other channel is external - the external SCSI port.

The 5i is compatible with the MSA30 (Modular Smart Array). So yes, you can use the external port as a RAID solution for a MSA30.
Doug de Werd

Re: Attaching and external array to Proliant DL380 G2

As Terri mentioned, there is no problem using the external SCSI port to conenct to an MSA30. However, you may want to consider upgrading the RAID controller. One way would be to get the Battery backed Write Cache (BBWC) upgrade module for the onboard 5i+ controller. This adds the ability to use the 64MB cache for both reads and writes (without this, the cache is read only)

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Another option would be to get a PCI based Smart Array controller (there's a bunch of them, mainly differing in number of ports and amount of memory).

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