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Attention LED pattern 10 Green 1 Amber, Server won't boot

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Attention LED pattern 10 Green 1 Amber, Server won't boot

I came in last night to remove the troublesome DLT drive from a Proliant 5500 server, troubleshoot and hopefully fix the problem, and returned the server to its former state.

At 10:48 I brought down the server, removed the DLT, as I predicted the Leader had come loose within the DLT drive so I re-threaded it, re-assembled the server, but on powering up the server wouldn't start.


When you plug in the power cable to the rear of the server you get a green light to indicate power.
When you press the 'On' switch at the front of the server the attention LED flashers green 10 times, then once orange (Attention LED is located at the rear of the server and is represented by a circle with an exclamation mark in it). Nothing else really happens although if you look closely at the LED's on the front of the box they very faintly come on for a nanosecond.

I have pulled the server apart checked all of the cabling, tried varies combinations of removing the DLT, removing the SCSI controller, reseated all of the cards and cables (Including Memory, Processors, Fans, Disk Cage)

I have called Compaq who informed me that we don't have a support contract, but have been considering to fork out the ??560 an hour for support.

I have searched the internet for related doc's which informed me to reseat all of the components.

Glenn Weavind_1
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Re: Attention LED pattern 10 Green 1 Amber, Server won't boot

Sounds horribly like a short-circuit on the +5V or +12V lines. All well designed switched-mode PSUs will briefly start and then shut-down against an overload - and I think that's what you've got. Unplug the DLT drive, and recheck any low-voltage power connections you moved or might have disturbed. Check for dropped screw-driver bits, wires or screws on the mobo.
If necessary, tip the server upside down (gently) to see if there's anything loose inside.