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Automate selected components firmware upgrade on HP Proliant server

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Automate selected components firmware upgrade on HP Proliant server


I'm looking for a way to automate firmware upgrade of HP Proliant server components. Especially these ones:

- NIC card
- BIOS (System ROM)
- SmartArray controller

iLO firmware can be easily upgraded by using RedFish API but the rest is a kind of mystery for me. I have found and downloaded Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2017.10.1. It worked like a charm without any user interaction required. However it has its downsides:

- ISO image is too large - 5.1G which becomes a problem for remote servers with slow connection
- It upgrades everything just like that. I need a control over the upgrade: what components will be upgraded to which version

I explored the ISO little bit. I see there is a script smartupdate and I presume it is launched upon a boot. I have issues with extracting initrd.img. It is not possible standard way using cpio. I searched on google but nothing helped. File is saying it's data so I don't have any clue about the format of this file. There is also directory packages which seems to hold all the RPMs and firmwares. Best would be to do cherry picking of them and integrate them into HPE SSTK ISO which I use for disk RAID configuration (see my thread: Remote Smart Array configuration using CLI/API through iLO (without OS) )

Does anyone have experience with components firmware upgrade?