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B110i Array Expansion

gerry egan
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B110i Array Expansion

We have a Dl160 G6 with a B110i controller installed, we had four 250GB SATA disks in two RAID1 arrays. We needed more space so we purchased two 1TB drives and have swapped out two of the 250GB drives for these 1TBs one at a time letting the array rebuild each time. We do not have a battery installed or the hot swap license, i had to reboot the server each time a disk was inserted but all worked fine.


Now I have my logical drive and a second unused space disk of 1.4TB in the HP ACU. I have no option to expand the array, only a single option to delete it.  is it possible to expand the array with the B110i? am I doing something wrong?



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Re: B110i Array Expansion

What OS are you using?
In 2008 you maybe able to expand using disk mgmt.
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Re: B110i Array Expansion

You can't expand the existing array with the existing configuration of drives. An array will be based on the size of the smallest drive. To expand you the current array you will need to replace the 250GB drives 1 at a time with another 2 drives of 1 TB, you will then have the option to expand the array after if finishing rebuilding. 


If you create an array with mixed size drives it will always be based on the smallest drive and the remainder of the space on the larger drives will be lost.


Also be sure that the drives you have used are enterprise level drives. Otherwise you will run into problems with the drives constantly degrading due to issues with TLER - Time Limited Error Recovery. Non enterprise drives try to recover from errors and can take too long for the array controller which has a very short time alloted for this. On a Raid 1 if you get 2 drives degraded your RAID is then broken and you will have to reload everything.


See: Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers

also see: RAID 1(+0): breaking mirrors and rebuilding drives


CRidgley at HP