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B110i Raid drivers for SBS 2011 Essentialls on ML110

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B110i Raid drivers for SBS 2011 Essentialls on ML110

I have an ML110 G6 server with the built-in B110i RAID controller, and I've installed SBS 2011 Essentials on it, and it runs fine. I would like to use the B110i RAID built into it, but I have no drivers. The raid controller specific page has 2008 R2 drivers (which I would think would work, because 2011 was based on 2008 R2), but they do not install. I get an error saying they are not for the current OS.


Has someone gotten any RAID drivers to install? Are there beta ones I can try, or is there some way to make the 2008 R2 driver? I would happily copy files into the system directory and type in registry entries, if it would just work. Any help is appreciated.


Sirajul haque
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Re: B110i Raid drivers for SBS 2011 Essentialls on ML110

Hi, I would request you to check below said link and the comments section where the user (Name: Aaron) said he was able to install it:


Latest HP SmartStart CD 8.7 released


He says:


"We have managed to install SBS2011 Standard on a ML110 G6 with Raid Enabled.

Run the SBS 2011 installation DVD.

It will then prompt for driver.

Using the Smart Start CD for x64, extract the ‘hpahcisr’ folder found in e.g. ‘D:\compaq\drivers\w2008r2x64\hpahcisr’

Put the hpahcisr onto a memory stick. Plug this into the server and navigate to the hpahcisr folder and with this it will show an option to select hpahcisr.inf

Click the driver and click next…

You should see the raid hard drive and be able to complete the install."


I do not have access to the above said server to test :)


Worth a try though :)






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Re: B110i Raid drivers for SBS 2011 Essentialls on ML110

Well, since I already had SBS 2011 Essentials installed, I had to do things a bit different.

1. I changed the bios to RAID

2. Created the RAID 1+0 on two new drives

3. boot from the install disk, load the drivers, and do a restore from my backup (a bare metal backup) on to the new drive.


The new drives were bigger than the old one, to I could increase the side of the second partition from 80 to 250 GB. Now, I couldn't add the old two drives, I could only add one (the 2 TB drive I was using as for client backups). This is because I can only use drives in RAID mode, not AHCI mode, and I can only have 2 RAIDs set up. (I am not describing that very well, but I hope people can understand.)The drive controller won't let me access hard drives in AHCI mode, just the CD ROM. So I'm kinda stuck with only 3 drives useable, 2 in a RAID 1, and one more that the controller thinks is in a RAID 0, but is really just stand alone.


Did I do something wrong, or is there some way to get the controller to access hard drives in both AHCI and RAID modes? I know my Microserver will do that. I'm surprised the B110i doesn't. I'm not sure what the BIOS version is. I suppose I could reboot the server and check. Maybe there's an update. (I thought updated when I set things up two months back, though.)


So I ended up being able to install the RAID drivers and set up the RAID 1 I wanted, but now I have two hard drives I can't access because the RAID controller won't let me. :( I'm not sure an eSATA drive would work either. I might need to add a new controller card, despite having two open HD plugs on the motherboard.