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B110i firmware

Andrew Raison - ECA
Occasional Contributor

B110i firmware

We have a new ML330 G6 with Windows Server 2008 R2 installed and the version control agent says 3118103c has version 1.37. I presume this is the BL110i SATA array controller but can't find a firmware update file for it anywhere. There are disk firmwares and Windows drivers but not a firmware update for the controller itself. Any help appreciated. Andrew
Honored Contributor

Re: B110i firmware

The SmartArray B110i does not have firmware as such: it is simply a plain AHCI SATA controller at the hardware level.

All the RAID functionality is provided by the system BIOS (for booting, and for DOS-based boot disks/network boot images) and the B110i driver in the OS (when a 32/64-bit OS is running).