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B120i performance issues

Occasional Contributor

B120i performance issues



After trying all the combos of esxi 5.5u3 and 6.0u3 with scsi-hpvsa 5.5.0-84 and scsi-hpvsa 5.5.0-88 and scsi-hpvsa 5.5.0-90 and scsi-hpvsa 5.5.0-100 (the default) on a ML310e gen8 v2, I cant see more than 100MB/S read/write.

The same disks on a P420 controller on same machine give me 260MB/S read and write on 5.5u3 and 6.0u3 with scsi-hpvsa 5.5.0-100.


Any ideas?


The machine is a test server with 16GB of ram and no VMs running except a 2008r2 with Crystaldiskmark