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B57 driver on DL140

David Landsberg
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B57 driver on DL140

I am trying to do a ghost image of my DL140, when the server reaches reboot stage it does not seem to be able to reboot using the b57.dos driver that i used when creating an image on DL360. does anyone now why? i used a floppy before and now am using a CD, but I dont think that should make a difference (but it does), I only found the b57w2k driver which isn't able to boot from dos. (I need to be outside of the OS to be able to image it and place the image on the network)
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Re: B57 driver on DL140


Try the following Universal Boot Disk to see if it works. This supports the B57.DOS driver and can be used for Ghost etc.

Click on the "Supported Cards" link to see the drivers included and "Download" to get the disk image.

You will need 1 disk, formatted with XP.
This is quite a memory efficient utility and works well with Ghost/Drive Image Pro etc.

You may be able to use the B57.DOS driver from this kit instead of the one you are currently using. Also check that you don't need to write data to any log file etc. when booting as the CD-ROM will not permit this as it is read-only. If your original floppy disk method works OK but the CD fails, try write protecting the floppy to see if you get the same problem.

Hope this helps.