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i have just bought compaq proliant 2500,3000 and 6500 servers but the problem is that they are with 3200 smart array contoller and when
connect my scsi drives to the 3200 controller the server boots it says that no scsi devices were found and comes to a prompt and halts. i can't go further beacuse this process is the POST and until and unless it completes its POST it won't go ahead,
for the time being i have connected the scsi drives to the motherboard and he is not only detecting them but i can install os on it as well BUT I HAVE TO CONNECT THE 3200 SMART ARRAY CONTROLLER AND CONFIGURE IT .... HOW CAN I DO THAT PLEASE GUIDE ME I NEED HELP.
Prashant (I am Back)
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I am taking a considration we are working on Pl 3000 with SA3200. I want to know which slot it is configured in. Is there any other Card on PCI Slots what are they.

Try to install same on Slot no 8 on smae server then check again.

Prashant S.
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Michael Williams_6
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When the 3200 controller says that there are no scsi devices found, it's normally looking for tape devices and not disks - that said, I've never attached a standard disk to a 3200 controller, always used the internal storage or an external storage shelf.

My advice would be to upgrade the firmware of the 3200 first:

And then try booting from smartstart to see if the array configuration utility spots the disks and can do something with them. If you don't have a smartstart CD, then I'm not sure how to help! Try the link below, it might work, but might not!

Ken Henault
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I believe the SMART controllers look for Compaq disks in a Compaq enclosure. I don't think it will work with a generic SCSI disk.

Ken Henault
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Neal Bowman
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First, you will need to boot with the SmartStart CD, or System Configuration diskette #1 if you do not have a SS CD. Go into System Configuration, and set the 3200 controller as the first boot device. You may get a message stating that other device boot order is being modified. That is ok.

Save the configuration. You will then need to boot back into the SmartStart CD and go into the Array Configuration Utility. Create your arrays and logical disks as you desire.

Reboot back into SmartStart, then select update the system partition. The first prompt will ask if you want to create the partition on the disk. Select yes. The partition will be created, the system will reboot, and F10 configuration files will be copied to the new partition.

At this point, you should be able to Exit from SmartStart and begin you OS installation.

Good luck!