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BIOS / Boot issues ML350G6

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BIOS / Boot issues ML350G6

As stated in subject, I'm working on a Proliant ML350 G6 server with MS Server 08 R2. I have a problem with my server not starting up after a power loss or a restart while there is an external hard drive hooked up to the USB slot in the front. The external hard drive is what i use for my backups. I have changed the boot order to 1. CD 2. Hard Drive 3. Network 4. USB.... etc. However, anytime that the server is trying to boot up with the external hard drive in, it just loops. Did I do something wrong, or is anyone else noticing this on their system...? HELP Please!


Re: BIOS / Boot issues ML350G6



You can resolve this issue by upgrading the BIOS - System ROM. 


Refer the following customer advisory:


And, the Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP ProLiant ML350 G6 (D22) Servers :


ROM Version: 2009.10.02 (6 Nov 2009) resolved this issue, you see the revision history of this firmware releases:


Note: update the firmware version to latest version : Version: 2011.05.05  (6 Jul 2011)


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Murali Mohan 

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