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BIOS/CPU Upgrade in ProLiant 3000

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BIOS/CPU Upgrade in ProLiant 3000

Looking for help with a few things.

1. Can you use BIOS P09 in a ProLiant 3000 currently using E39? (300MHz CPU, but looking to upgrade using Powerleap adapter.)
2. If upgrade unsuccessful, can I "backflash" to E39 and go back to using 300MHz CPU?
3. Are there any BIOS updates/patches avail for the ProLiant 3000 series that support processors beyond 600MHz?

FYI, the Powerleap adapter has onboard VRM, and a Slot 1 form factor. System will get as far as memory count, but then will halt as the CPU is not recognized.
Not sure P09 would solve the problem, but it's worth a try as it gets me closer to the CPU I'm trying to use. (100MHz FSB Coppermine 1.1GHz)
Currently am attempting to use single CPU, but if I can get system to recogmize it, will try SMP.

Attached are the specifics on the Powerleap adapter used. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: BIOS/CPU Upgrade in ProLiant 3000

Notices attached file was corrupt from last message. (Had ISP problem)
Hopefully this one does the trick.

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Re: BIOS/CPU Upgrade in ProLiant 3000

Sorry. File still won't upload properly.
Here is the link for those who are interested.