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BIOS & System Config Utility settings (DMA)

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

BIOS & System Config Utility settings (DMA)

Can anyone help with the following: I would like to configure three dialogic 8/16 bit ISA cards, one 4-port fax and two 4-port voice cards to work under Windows 2000. I believe the problems I am having can be split into two distinctive areas.

1. I don?t understand clearly how to configure the ISA board slots correctly. I have the v2.58a of System Configuration Utility (SCU). I do not have a .CFG file form dialogic for each type of card. That is to say, within SCU there are parameters for IRQ?s Direct Memory Access and I/O port addresses when ?adding boards?.

2. I do understand clearly how to VARIFY and configure Window 2000 to use the memory i/o address and interrupt that I will have to configure using the System Configuration Utility i.e. how do I check all the BIOS or System Configuration Utility settings through windows 2000?

I?m led to believe from some documentation on this subject that in this instance I should set all the cards to use the same IRQ and same DMA or shared memory of D8000h???!

Can anyone recommend a good source of information that will guide me through the process of what information I will need to type into the various fields in SCU when I configure IRQ?s DMAs and memory i/o etc. as above? I would then like to be able to varifying this all through windows 2000 Computer Management - System Information etc.

Will I have to change Windows 2000 transfer Mode at any stage?

Am I correct in assuming that I have to configure the slots with SCU because ISA is not plug and play?

Would posting my system configuration to the forum help? Here is some background that might help you to help me!

I?m Using:
Proliant 1500
Cards are in Slot 4,5,6
Cards are Dialogic 2x D\41 ESC (4 port voice) & 1x Cpi400 Euro (4 port fax)
Windows 2000 professional with sp2
Dialogic System Release 5.01

The dialogic boards are 16/8 bit full-length ISA cards and do not have dipswitches for setting DMA & memory I/O or jumpers for setting IRQ. Instead they have a ?dial? that dialogic ref. to as Board Locator Technology (BLT). According to dialogic documentation, I simply set the dials on each board to unique sequential respective positions [1,2,3] and the Dialogic system software should be able to automatically detect locate and configure windows 2000 to use ?see? the boards.

Sorry for the long post and hop this all makes sense!

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: BIOS & System Config Utility settings (DMA)

The best suggestion would be to contact the Manufacturer of the Boards you are trying to configure.