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BIOS and ESM upgrade help...

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BIOS and ESM upgrade help...

I have been asked to do an upgrade of the BIOS and ESM on an old DELL server running NT4 where the temperature censor from CPU 2 is not working. I got this from our support contractors

" The solutions is to patch the BIOS and the ESM (Embedded Server Management)
software. Apparently there is a known issue with the older version of
the ESM where it will report incorrect readings (e.g. very high fan
rpm). The BIOS needs to be patched before the ESM. "

This came with a tag of over £3000 and obviously the boss does not want to pay.

I really have no idea as how to go about this as I have never done it before. I do not know how to start. Can anyone please 'hold my hand' on this one???