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BIOS update from a remote location using iLO 100 card - possible?

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BIOS update from a remote location using iLO 100 card - possible?

Hi, we have two DL160 G5 servers, that we don't have physical access to. We connect to them via BMC (Lights Out 100) card. I have upgraded the BIOS on both servers, which was successful (it had 04/09/2008, now it has 11/17/2010 if this matters). 


Can I reboot the machines? Will they come up alive and can I monitor the process with the Lights Out 100 card - like in case of a normal reboot?


What I fear is that with the firmware update some setting may get lost, and BMC card may get "disconnected". Am I safe to do the restart remotely? (Or do I even need a Power Cycle, rather than just a reboot, considering that this is a BIOS update?)





PS: BMC card details:

IPMI Version: 2.0
Firmware Version: 3.20
Hardware Version: 1.0
Description: ProLiant DL160G5

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Re: BIOS update from a remote location using iLO 100 card - possible?

Dear readers... I finally did the reboot - although I was searching all manuals before posting here, I found no mention of updating BIOS and restarting remotely via Lights Out 100. All of the download links and tutorials (even the HPGT) point me towards USB Key Media stuff.


But of course "I should have thought" that it works. Because if it did not, that would negate the benefits of the iLO 100 cards in the first place.



So... I'm happy to report, that updating the BIOS and powering down + up - is a piece of cake with iLO - good job HP!

Looks like when we follow update notices (certain BIOS requires certain version of BMC software) - it works as it should.


On power up, we had this BMC updating message which took only 2-3 minutes (as opposed to 40+ last time - when it never finished and someone had to be sent in the server room to clear CMOS). 




Now only one task remains for me. Finding out why the FANS still rotate at 8000 RPM, when they did rotate around 3200 RPM two reboots before (and Therm Trip - system "freeze" occured then, so maybe 8000 RPM is better but the longevity of the fans is dubious at this speed)


According to the DOCS, fan speed issues were solved in earlier BIOS/BMC firmware combinations...