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There are 3 controllers. Ctlr 1 is PCI Slot 4 HP Smart Array P400 Controller, Ctlr 2 is PCI Embedded HP Integrated PCI IDE Contorller, and Cltr 3 is PCI Embedded HP Smart Array E200i Controller. During POST it only displays the P400 & then the E200i. The P400 has 7 logical drives and the E200i doesn't appear to have any logical drives.


We have done the recommended ROM Flash component for the Smart Array P400 and we still need to do the CP015093.exe. However, it was recommended that we try to do the ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (v8.7) but when I tried that this weekend, it crashed the server. That support pack appears to contain 2 exe files that we tried to run back in February that also crashed the server. It's either cp010820.exe or cp011324.exe. It doesn't appear that any of the files from the support pack effectively ran on the server. Since I had it in the schedule to run the support pack prior to the remaining exe for the Smart Array, I haven't done that yet. Could that be the issue with the other exe? 3rd on my list of updates was the Firmware and BIOS for HP SAS/SATA HBA with Raid (v06.18.07.00). Let me know what you think. Thanks!!