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BL 20p G3 Altris Image Problems with CITRIX 4.0

Thomas Bauer_3
Frequent Advisor

BL 20p G3 Altris Image Problems with CITRIX 4.0

Hi Forum,

We have 25 HP BL20p G3 Server (W2K SP4). For system backup of the Servers we use Altiris Rapid Deployment Vers. 6.1.

This works fine but not on CITRIX Server.
When we backup teh CITRIX Server in 2 of 3 cases the system is not reacheable after backup.

Then we have to uninstall TCP/IP boot teh server and reinstall TCP/IP.
If you stop the CITRIX Services the backup works fine.

PSP is 7.51
An update to 7.60 does not make any differences.

On other Servers DL360 we do not have this Problem.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thx Thomas

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: BL 20p G3 Altris Image Problems with CITRIX 4.0

Hi Thomas,

We have had a similar issue when deploying our Citrix servers using Altiris, which was down to NIC teaming.

I had an image of one blade server (BL20p G2), that I then pushed out to another 14 servers. When the servers had finished imaging they would randomly drop off the network. After a lot of head scratching it turned out that the MAC address of the network team of the source server was being copied out to all of the others servers causing the network switches to get somewhat confused !

Your scenario sounds slightly different in that you're just doing a backup using Altiris, however it might be worth taking a look...

Thomas Bauer_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: BL 20p G3 Altris Image Problems with CITRIX 4.0

Rob Leadbeater,

we have already used the RDP for deploying the server.
But now we use the RDP for backup the servers.
So in case we load the image from each server to the same server back.

The problem is, that we could get an image of the servers, but in some cases the server won't work anymore after that.
We have a teaming of the NIC.

When we stop the CTX services an image is possible without this problems.


Re: BL 20p G3 Altris Image Problems with CITRIX 4.0

Hi Thomas
I don't know if in 6.1 is the same, but in 6.5 before the image creation a "cleanup" of network configuration is made (like sysprep), and after the image the configuration is re-deployed.
There's a switch in the create image form to exclude this behaviour... but in 6.5 don't work !
So I execute a cmd script like this:

f:\RDeploy\dos\Rdeploy.exe -noprompt -mu -f.\lib\images\SERVER.img -cspeed -split:2040 -d1 -p1

- create a image SERVER.img in .\lib\images\
- maximize speed
- split image in 2GB chunks
- first disk (-d1)
- first partition (-p1)

Hope this help