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BL 20pG3 Server Boot Issue

Occasional Advisor

BL 20pG3 Server Boot Issue

We are in the process of installing 13 BL20P G3 blade servers. One server is not booting up and following is in the iLO.

Server Status: Stand-by (Amber colour light)

In virtual power buttons, only Momentary, Press and Hold and Manual Override for BL P Class are activated. We could not boot up the server with any of them.

We replace the power module, access panel and chassis. But couldn’t see a difference. We plugged to other slots of the enclosure and same error occurred. We plugged other blades to same slot and they also worked fine. Server is to be connected to SAN and having Fiber connections also.

In iLO remote console shows “No power for the Monitor”. In IML it says that there is no adequate power for server to power up.

Blade arrangement is as follows:

Enclosure 1: Occupied Bays are 1-7 (Bay 6 is not working)
Enclosure 2: Occupied bays are 1-6
Both Enclosures are cascaded.
One Single Phase Power enclosure is used with 4 Power Supplies.
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Re: BL 20pG3 Server Boot Issue

Please change the mother board .
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: BL 20pG3 Server Boot Issue

Prior you accept system board replacement try:

no adequate power ...
Verify if you get enough W from Power enclosure
With fully configured servers with Fiber cards two hard drives dual CPU â you might experience insufficient power after 12th or 13th server

Two main steps:

Use Service Port fro Power enclosure to Verify Redundancy
Use user Guide how to do so (hyper Terminal)
Page 841
Power available ????
Power consumed ????
One Phase Power Enclosure with 4 power supply provide somewhere around 4200 W

Update all management modules Firmware to 2.30

Additional steps
Swap Fiber Mezzanine Card or 6i controller
Make sure memory not mixed dual or single rank or dual first
DC filer or DC/DC converter can be swapped