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BL 456c Hard drive mirroring

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BL 456c Hard drive mirroring

I have 2 drive setup and running in a raid 1 config. I suspect one of my drives is dying and would like to run a disruptive surface test on it but would like to be sure from where the disks will be rebuild . I plan on removing the secondary disk, running the test on the primary, shutting down, swopping the disks so that the one with the correct file system is in primary and the corrupted file system is in secondary and rebooting. This is done under the asumption that the secondary diak is always "rebuild" from the primary. Can any one please let me know if this is a correct assumption ?

Thank you
Mark Matthews
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Re: BL 456c Hard drive mirroring

It can work both ways round, Primary from Secondary or vice versa.

The array info is on the array controller and is also on the disks...

This means that either disk or the array controller could fail (in a RAID1 scenario) and you could recover from it by just replacing the hardware.

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