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BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

Greg Healy_1
Occasional Advisor

BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

Hi All

Has anyone seen an enclosure management module fail when going from 2.03 to 2.10?

I downloaded the 2.10 firmware and used it in the Rack upgrade utility. The result was a fault on one of the management modules(Enc1), and the the utility failing to enumerate any of the other rack elements.

I swapped out the mgmt module with the one from Enc5 and the utility then could only see 4 out of 5 enclosures and both the power enclosures.

I then put the console on the diag port and it is non responsive. Pressed the reset button and the mgmt module responds only minimal start
info text. "Compaq" and is then non responsive.

I then pointed the Rack config util at a specific Mgmt enclosure (as opposed to the my inital default choice). result = second equally non responsive mgmt module.

Next - re-downloaded the firmware file "cpqrmm210.bin". verified the file size.
used it against a third mgmt module. result = successful upgrade.

Tried it again on a fourth mgmt module. result = yet another non responsive mgmt module.

Any ideas
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

We've had rack management modules refuse to take new ROMs. We got engineering support out. They knew all about it. Apparently the internal forums have a few notes about it.

Check the interconnect cables. We've had that problem too.

You probably have a dud management module.

Ole Thomsen_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

I updated 3 modules, one died and had to be replaced. The update succeded according to the utility, but it the module did not boot up after a reset.

Greg Healy_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

Update to issue

Problem seems to be with the upgrade not programming primary eeprom correctly during the flashing process.

The solution to a firmware upgrade failure is to restart the management module(s) using the backup rom. Them redo the upgrade process on the management module(s) that had failed.
Note: the firmware upgrade process will only ever upgrade the PRIMARY EEPROM and not the backup rom.

Note : this may take a few attempts however with patience I now have all enclosures successfully upgraded to 2.10 firmware.

Process to boot off management enclosure's backup ROM =
1. press and hold the UID button, then
2. press and release the RESET button,
3. wait for the UID led to turn off,
4. release the UID button.

NOTE: Result will be the ALARM led will be lit red, however management enclosure will be booted and executing from the backup rom.

Greg Healy_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL Rack Firmware upgrade failures with 2.10

See last thread item for solution