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BL10-e G2 teaming NFT

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BL10-e G2 teaming NFT

I'm trying the NFT teaming function on two blades bl10e-g2 installed with W2k pro.
The problem is that sometimes, the network cards are not switching, it seems that they do not detect the heartbeat failover.

Here below a sum-up of my tests

Blade 1 Blade 2
Nic1 Nic2 Nic1 Nic2
X X cut the link of the internal switch A
X X restore the link
X X cut the link of the internal switch B
X X restore the link

As you can see, when I cut the link of the internal switch B, the network card of my blade 2 is not switching....

The drivers are the last one (8.xxxx)

Thanks for help
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Re: BL10-e G2 teaming NFT

seems like if all my table was droppped...
to resume, if I cut the switch A, both network cards are switching from Nic 1 to Nic 2, but if I cut switch B, only the network card of blade 1 is switching back to Nic1. So I lost connectivity to my second blade