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BL20p (G1)

Paul Kratz
Frequent Advisor

BL20p (G1)

We found a couple of BL20p (G1) servers in a Lab Environment with “old” Enclosure in an completely unknown configuration. To use the Blades successfully we need access to the iLO of each Blade but we don’t know the iLO-IP-Address of the Blade-servers of both ports. Connecting to the Blades thru the Diagnostic Port with the default helped to reconfigure same of the servers but not all of them. Some of the Blades seemed to be configured with a different IP-Adresse for the iLO front-port and also a static, unknown IP-Adresse for the standard port.

Any idée how to configure the iLO, set them back to factory defaults or something like th
Dave Wilga
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL20p (G1)

How 'bout just connecting it to your network and running a tool like net sonar from solar winds?

Or, if you know the mac address of the blade just use arp command to assign the address of your choosing to that blade e.g.
C:\ ARP -S 00-80-A3-XX-XX-XX