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BL20p G3 hard drive light is out

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global socialite
Occasional Contributor

BL20p G3 hard drive light is out

I am new to the HP blade systems. I usually use Dell Poweredge and am not familiar with these Blades:


The green disc drive light is out on BOTH drives in my BL20p G3. I have 5 blades all together and only one blade has the green disc lights out. The green arrow lights when activity to the drive occurs.

I recently had 220 power put into one of the server rooms and moved the blades from one room to another room. Lights were on before the move.

I receded the drives and rebooted but no joy. Nothing in the event logs show any red flags.

1: what could this problem be?
2: where can I find diags to run over night to narrow down the problem?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: BL20p G3 hard drive light is out

Hi Rob,

Firstly try running the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) and check that the drives are actually configured as an array...

If all lights are off, with the arrow lights flickering during disk I/O that normally indicates that the disks are not part of an array.