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BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

Farid Abizeid
Regular Advisor

BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue


I am facing a disconnection issue
when teaming BL20p G3 NICs each attached to one GbE2 blade swtiches, problem disappears if teaming is not used or only one uplink cable is used per switch (each GbE2 have up to 6 1Gb external ports)

GBbE2 switches and Blade infrastructure firmware were updated to the latest
W2K3 NIC Drivers are from PSP7.3

I still need to test setting NIC speed to non auto and use NFT instead of load balancing..

Your feddback is appreciated

Thanks and regards
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

Make sure the GbE2 has Spanning Tree Protocol disabled.
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

Hi Farid,
1. What OS are you using?
2. What Teaming type/mode are you using? NFT, TLB, SLB, etc.
3. How many NICs in the Team?
4. Are the NICs connected to Switch A or Switch B or both?
5. Are you using spanning tree? (Don't disable it unless you know for a fact you don't need it or you can cause problems on your network.)
6. Are the GbE2 uplinks (port 19 - 24) in a port trunk/channel?
7. Are all GbE2 uplinks connected to the same upstream switch?

That's a good start. We can go from there.

Farid Abizeid
Regular Advisor

Re: BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

David & Soan
Thank you for you response

Please find the answers:
- Windows 2003
- 2 NIC per team
- 1 NIC to switch A, 2nd NIC to Switch B
- Spanning tree is disabled on the external CISCO switches, did not check it on the GbE2 switches, still at facory default.
- We were using port 19, 20, 21 & 22
to the same upstream switch, no changes
ever made on the GbE2 switches, only their firmware was updated.

Note that since we disbaled teaming the system is working fine but we cannot keep it without the teaming redundnacy.

NB: I have been reading yout TeamingWP..

Appreciate your concern.


Farid Abizeid
Regular Advisor

Re: BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

The problem was caused by the original image used to deploy the blade servers.

this original image was taken from a customized server which also had teaming enabled

in this case the image held the MAC addresses of the original server.

Problem was resolved after disolving the team and reconfiguring it, this happenned on all the deployed servers.

Thanks and Regards
Alpana Pradhan
Occasional Contributor

Re: BL20p / GbE2 Teaming issue

I am new to the bl20p and still need to team the nics. please advice.

i have used bl-pclass gbe2 interconnect switch with two LAN modules with 4 rj45 ports