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BL20pG1 /G2

Peter Loeffel
Occasional Advisor

BL20pG1 /G2

RDP 1.60 / and 2.0 with G1 Server is working
with the G2 servers i got error:
Every time he tried to initialize a new blade the whole procedure was corrupted as soon as the bootworks application was running.
Specifically a crash dump page appears starting with:
"Exiting due to signal SIGVER"
"Page fault at eip=0008908a"
Peter Loeffel
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL20pG1 /G2

Finally we overcame the problem typing the command: "bootworks -dsbios" at the command prompt just after the procedure corruption.
This is the way we are working till now as a workaround and customer is expecting a final solution.