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BL20pG2, Network Teaming and NLB

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BL20pG2, Network Teaming and NLB

Hi all

Has anyone had any luck getting teaming working on Blades with Microsoft NLB?

We have a total of 14 blades in two sets running as TS Application servers.

When we configure the NIC's to use teaming (2 x 1GB) via RJ-45 patch panels and Cisco 3750 switches we have issues that when a node joins the cluster all sessions are disconnected from the TS farm.

Has anyone seen/got this working?

Thanks in Advance
Michael Duke
Ole Thomsen_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL20pG2, Network Teaming and NLB

I have tested Proliant NIC teaming with NLB some time ago, and it did not work.

I have heard that it might work with NLB in multicast mode if arp entries are plotted into network equipment manually...
Caster Troy
Regular Advisor

Re: BL20pG2, Network Teaming and NLB

Hi Duke,
First of all you need to configure teaming in the multicast mode. after that u may add up the servers in NLB using the virtual ip that is being used for the HP Network Team on eac server. At first the servers might lose connectivity but once the adapters configuration is completed the NLB will work fine however anytime u add or remove a server from the NLB cluster connectivity will lose for a while.
Evil Has Its Winning Ways

Re: BL20pG2, Network Teaming and NLB

Thanks for your input guys.

We will have to run with single NIC I guess.