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BL20pG2 and FC Mezz. Card driver

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Arcady Martynov
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BL20pG2 and FC Mezz. Card driver

After installation of Win 2000 Adv. Server on BL20pG2 server with FC-card I have unrecognized device (FC Mezzanine adapter) in Windows Device Manager.
I downloaded a Win2k driver from for QLA2312 (HP Mezzanine Card).
I try to install the driver for Win2k Advanced Server and at the moment of loading new driver server hangs up. It seems Qlogic driver lock PCI-bus because pings to server have no reply (network adapter also hangs). I reset power through RILOE session and when booting of Win2k completes I see "?" in the line with the name of FC-adapter in Windows device manager.
What I must tune in FC-adapter or BIOS settings to fix it?
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Re: BL20pG2 and FC Mezz. Card driver

Hi Arcany,

a client was having very similar issues except on emulex is what we did to fix instead of using the qlogic driver, use the following link to download the bios and HP drivers for the mezzanine card:〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=181

this is for windows 2000 server...

hope this resolves your problem too and dont forget to assign points:)