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BL25p No power up

Phil Thomas NP
Occasional Contributor

BL25p No power up

We have installed around 50 BL25p servers

a number of them all in different enclosures will not power on they sit in a amber light state when you cycle the power they flash green but go straight back to amber and no power up and one got any ideas as this is happening to 6 units.
Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: BL25p No power up

Hello Phil,

1)Are you able to logon to iLO.
2)If Yes, check for the ILO and IML logs- it could give you some indication on what is going on. Could be inadequate power to start the blade.
3)If no logs in ILO or IML, than try reseating all the components, mainly FC card or other Mezzine card.
4)If reseating the components does not help, remove the Mezzine card and check if it boots still the same issue could be systemboard faulty else may be the Mezzine card causing issues.
5)If not able to connect to iLO than the issue could be with the DC convertor or DC filter module. Reseat the modules and check, still no boot could be either or both the module faulty.
Diego Castelli
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL25p No power up

Hi. Check that the number of power suppliers in those enclosures is equal to others.
Check, via one of the ILO's, the general enclosure state, the power suppliers state and if you see the mentioned blades in the "Rack View".
If you See them, try to log on to the ILO's and try check.
Try to change slot in wich they are placed and eventually try to change enclosures. If they're booting up in different enclosures, probably there's a problem with the power backplane in Enclosure. Elsewhere could be the system boards..

Hope this helps.

Diego Castelli.
Diego C.

MS MCSA Server 2003

HP Accredited Integration Specialist