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BL30p SAN Boot

Peter Loeffel
Occasional Advisor

BL30p SAN Boot

i want to run two bl30p in one sleeve with boot from san.
no disks internaly. All disk presented with ssp form, MSA1000 with integrated 8port switch.

Glogic hba firmware 1.43
Firmware bl30p 27.jan.05
2.10 version of Enclosure and interconnect switch Gbe2

i am able to run each one alone but not together.
As soon one Server will be restartet or booted at point of initialization of Qlogic adapter and connecting the c: Drive,the other hangs,frezzes with no access to drive c:

all upper or all lower bl30p are working but never both in one sleeve.

do have any suggestion about qlogic bios settings.....

Jeff Allen_5
Valued Contributor
Peter Loeffel
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL30p SAN Boot

hi after a downgrade from 3.2 to 3.13 firmware from the 2/8 switch both blades in the same sleeve are working.
Or just configure as port zoning.
Respected Contributor

Re: BL30p SAN Boot

One of the prerequriments is Qlogic firmware 1.45. I having used RDP BLS scripts (see attachment) to update firmware on all blades.