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BL30p & single bay problem

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BL30p & single bay problem

Do you know how to identify a single bay failure or enclosure failure causing single bay problems? As hp says, the enclosure backplane is passive and cannot fail.

The case is that a bl30p in a single bay (9) is reporting read-write errors from disk located in a san fc disk array. The same bl30p in other bay works fine with the same remote fc disk. Other blades also causes error when put in bay 9. Both fc ports checked and errors appears regardless of used fc port (A or B channel) Does not matter if I present disk to A or B fc port of bl30p. FC cables checked, SFPs checked, FC switch checked (errors also through other fc ports). Any ideas?

Oleg Koroz
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Re: BL30p & single bay problem

It would be hard to believe that backplane can cause specifically READ-WRITE Problem to single disk(s)(or array?).

Do you have chance to run some kind Array Diagnostics Utility from SAN? Where you see errors? Do you have Insight Manager? Any reports?

Can you dedicate to bay 9 different Array or Disk's from SAN?

Just in case

When you say you test Channel A and B, can you test Switch A and B swap them around?
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Re: BL30p & single bay problem

Hi Slawomir!

What about disk array do you use? SAN switch, HBA vendor (Emulex, Qlogic)? Checking the status of port on SAN switch, note that in pre-OS environment it may be in failed state. Check FC HBA firmware.
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Re: BL30p & single bay problem

Tried every configuration:

- C-Gbe2 switches interchanged
- any bl30p does not work in bay9 even if new lun created, the same bl30ps work fine in other bays.

Strange but true