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BL35p SAN connectivity

Terry M Darrow
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BL35p SAN connectivity

Could someone walk me thru the step to connect a BL35p to an EVA 6000 using the redundant paths thru the McData 4GB switchs in the back of the chassis. I looked thru the connectivity PDF. It said something about having the HBA request the same ID, but I am a novice and not sure what it is talking about. I have two BL35ps in the same sleave and as far as I can tell they use the same port on the switch. Thanks.
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Re: BL35p SAN connectivity

This procedure is not quite as easy and straightforward as you probably are envisioning.

To configure this you will need to create a disk on the EVA, assign an ACL on the EVA that will connect this disk to the WWID of your BL35p, as well as altering a possible zoning configuration to put them in the same zone.

After that, you will want to hit CTRL-Q in the POST to enable one or both fiber-channels on the FC card.

I would suggest making a service request with the person who installed the EVA for you to come out onsite and train you on how to do this, there are a lot of steps and knowledge required to complete this properly.

Best of luck!