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BL460c BIOS Power Management Setting

Bonnie Robertson
Occasional Visitor

BL460c BIOS Power Management Setting

Hi all,

I am working with a BL460c and I need to know what exactly the different power management settings do. What are the differences between the different options (custom, maximum performance, etc)?

The BIOS version and date I'm using are: HP I24 07/25/2009

If you could point me to a document with this information I would appreciate it tremendously. I have gone through many, many different PDFs looking for this and so far I have had no luck.

Thank you.
Daniel Bowers
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL460c BIOS Power Management Setting

The "Power Profile settings" table on Page 18 of this document shows what settings get changed for each of the different power profile values:

(The doc is titled "300-series G6" but these are the same profiles that are implemented in the BL460c G6 BIOS.)