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BL460c does not see RIAD controller

Frequent Advisor

BL460c does not see RIAD controller

One of my new blades (BL460C) does not see the integrated E200i RAID controller. No errors during POST, it just skips the part where the RAID controller usually is displayed. I know there is an advisory about a bad connection between the disk backplane and the Sys-board, and I have checked this. I have also replaced the disk backplane without any luck. Could ther be anything else than the Sys-board?
William E Howard
Regular Advisor

Re: BL460c does not see RIAD controller

I've had this exact same issue on 2 BL460c's. In both issues it was the disk backplane, a simple swap out and they were up and running again.

However, if you've already swapped that out, the only thing left is the sysboard really. Had that done on one of my BL460c's during the diagnostics (HP service rep didn't have a disk backplane on hand) and it takes maybe 5 minutes. Only real thing you'll notice is that your iLO for that blade will be different, but that is easily fixed afterwards.