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Re: BL685c G1 and BL685c G5 memory limitations

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

BL685c G1 and BL685c G5 memory limitations

Hi all,
could somebody explain me real difference between bl685c G1 and G5 ? They have the same bios, probably the same chipset (nVidia CK8-04, IO-04), use of QuadCore Opterons is possible in both generations.
We plans to upgrade our G1 to max possible memory (wmvare servers) using 8GB memory modules (or 16GB kit). According
G1 support 64GB RAM max - it looks we can not use 8GB modules.
G5 limitation je 128GB (same number of ram slots - 16).
Has somebody tested G1 with 8GB modules or could somebody confirm a real hardware limit of G1 and only 64GB of RAM?

Best regards,
Jan Soska
Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: BL685c G1 and BL685c G5 memory limitations

We bought additional memory to our BL685G1 servers, we run them with 80GB RAM and ESX3.5u2 (~30 VM) for 3months with NO PROBLEM
. System is rock stable. Our RAM config is 2x2GB module + 2x8GB module pre CPU x 4CPU = 80GB of RAM.
Additionaly, we upgraded CPU to newer AMD Quad-core Opterons. They are officialy not in support list, but as AMD has promised they are running well with no problem.
I recomend.