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BLP30 boot from SAN issue

David Turner_5
Occasional Advisor

BLP30 boot from SAN issue

I am trying to deploy a Boot from SAN Blp30 by using a RDP delivered script. I had seen this done sucessfully by the HP engineer and I took notes.
I am trying to re-image a blade that already had a functioning image on it.
I have checked the Qlogic BIOS and only 1 adapter is connected and enabled, The correct LUN is set for the Bootable option.
The disk is seen and during the script is formatted by the RDP Script. During the Windows install the files are copied to the HDD and it then starts Windows at the beginning of the setup process. However it cannot read the disk and offers you the option to format it, which it also cannot do. If you go back 1 option, you can see the C drive as 3006 MB as created by the WIN-P.TXT from the script. But because the setup temporary files are on it you cannot format that partition.
I'm hoping someone out there has a clue what I'm talking about.
Thanks in anticipation.
Doug de Werd

Re: BLP30 boot from SAN issue

I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I am hoping you have seen this Windows boot from SAN guide....

Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Jeff Allen_5
Valued Contributor

Re: BLP30 boot from SAN issue

You're seeing the same LUN more than once on the SAN. You need to make sure you have the switch zoned to include only one single path to the LUN during the OS install.
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: BLP30 boot from SAN issue


Some good resources....

Additionally, make sure you are using the proper modified install script.

If your imaging a blade, then you should not see a WIndows Install screen.

If your running an unattended scripted install, then yes, you will have a Windows Install.

Pay particular attention to the requirements in Knowledge Base Entry 127. (

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
NPP3 (Nutanix Platform Professional)
David Turner_5
Occasional Advisor

Re: BLP30 boot from SAN issue

Thanks for the input but I have resolved this issue. There were still 2 EVA ports active on the same fiber channel. Removed 1 of these from the zone and everything was fine.