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BMC on ProLiant ML110 G6

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BMC on ProLiant ML110 G6

Hello folks, I appreciate this box is a little old now but I have a questioin about the Lights-Out 100 BMC installed on it.  My experience with other servers is the ilo/management GUI usually includes a 'virtual console' so you're able to view the screen output from boot (ok non licensed versions will time out out once the o/s loads) but you can usually view and manage the boot up/bios/screen messages,  the version running on this box just doesn't have the option.

It's a useful feature and I don't want to be spending £££s on a seperate IP KVM box if possible, so the burning question is... is there a way to enable the virtual console option in this version somehow?

many thanks - Si.


Re: BMC on ProLiant ML110 G6


The Virtual KVM feature of LO100 is a remote graphic console that turns a supported browser into a virtual desktop and provides full control over the display, keyboard, and mouse of the host server.

The operating system-independent console supports graphic modes that display remote host server activities, including shutdown and startup operations.

Virtual KVM is available by purchasing the Lights-Out 100i Advanced Pack.

Reference: (Page 33)

You may try HPE iLO Evaluation License which is valid for 60 days. Please refer below link to download.

Note: iLO Advanced Trial License can be used only once on a server.

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Re: BMC on ProLiant ML110 G6

Thank you, I eventually figured this out and unlocked it by purchasing a license.  The new browsers don't like the java interface very much but I figured out a way to run it directly from the applet.